Llaughs, play, grow, learn, study, make new friends … Every little step, a big step; each word, a declaration of intentions; every gesture, the desire to catch everything in the palm of your hand … Working for children is a serious matter, because they, who do not stop inventing, want us to take their imagination seriously, to listen with seriousness to their opinions, Let us respond with affection to your questions and, when we turn off the light at night, let’s dedicate ourselves to putting order in a world that, the next morning, will turn upside down again.

Clothing is another element of the game, of learning, of the process of knowing the world and presenting oneself to others. Accomplice against the colds, companion of fatigue, helps to imitate the elders and to distinguish themselves from them. The clothes individualize us and bring us closer. You can compare different boots or celebrate that a partner wears the same sweatshirt as we do. The design is not an extra or a whim, but an element with which we build ourselves. As soon as we grow a little, we demand the right to choose our clothes or, at least, to put more often the one we prefer. In wearekiddys we choose children’s clothing designed to please children. We know that garments can not grow with them, but we hope that children grow with our clothes.

The convenience of buying in two or three screenshots and a couple of clicks can not sacrifice confidence or generate doubts. Because for children we want everything perfect. Return it if you do not like it or adjust the size because it has given a spurt and even if you are only 6 years old you already need an 8. The screen and the mouse are just tools. On the other side of wearekiddys there is always a group of professionals in charge of helping you in your buying process. Our firm works through the Internet, we have email and we are in social networks. But our postal address is as normal and easy to locate as that of any neighbor and if you prefer, you can call us by phone. We will answer you, because technology is not an excuse to get away from customers. And because we never forget that our customers are the most important people in the world.

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