• Kanken backpack: how to distinguish original or false?

    Good evening guys, Tonight I’m going to talk about a tricky topic, and I say tricky not because I think many of you have a Kanken backpack in your houses that are false and that you paid for originals, if not because I’m very sorry that there are people who encourage this type of sales, …

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  • Boots UGG or EMU, which one to choose?

    Hi guys! We are already finishing the summer, well, summer to say it somehow, at least here in the north … In a few days we will be receiving the winter things and among them the much desired Emu boots. And that is the question, when many of you ask me how the UGG boots …

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  • El tocador de Victoria wearekiddys

    El Tocador de Victoria we interviewed Zaida, her creator

    Good evening guys, As you know this season we have added to our website, the brand El Tocador de Victoria, and as we like to get to the bottom, we wanted to know more about what lies behind and we think that you would also like to know what and who are behind this signature.

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  • How to know if my Hunter boots are original?

    You are several and you ask me how to identify if the Hunter boots are counterfeit or otherwise original, since unfortunately there are still many places where they sell them by originals and they are not. Be very careful with this, if you find any of these sites, it is good that you communicate it …

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  • How to measure a child’s foot?

    Hello to everyone Many times we have considered buying footwear online, without being able to try the shoe, and we have doubts about whether it will work or not, as we all know that, as in the textile, each brand has a different size. That’s why if we have a size guide it is best …

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