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The HEART symbolizes every mom’s love when she uses Sapone Baby to wash her hands before taking care of her baby. Our liquid soap has a delicate formula, enriched with protective elements, vegetal glycerine and natural extracts from organic farming: 
Cardamom and Olive. Our Sapone Baby is perfect to cleanse hands and body, it makes the skin of the children velvety and moisturized.

According to numerous traditions, Cardamom is a very precious spice: in India it is considered such a timid and delicate plant, that it can only be touched and picked up by women’s hands. In Kashmir, Cardamom seeds are enclosed in bracelets jewels worn by brides as a symbol of the restoring nourishment they will give to their husbands. Cardamom has very well known revitalizing powers, it tones the skin up, it is invigorating and able to mitigate unpleasant sensationsof the skin.

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